“… Et dovendo il zorno (dopo) per il tempo cativo dover star lì a San Zuane, deliberamo alcuni, zoè , Pisani, Io et altri dotori, in una barcheta andar, mia do in mar; a uno scoglio, sopra dil quale par le vestigia di uno castello che vi foe, overo torion tondo e tutto mazizo, chiamato Belguardo. Quivi è dito, avanti i nostri avesse el Friul, fece fabricar uno ponte andava in terra apresso Mofalcon. Or dismontati, di lì a pocho vene uno grandissimo murmur di mar, et si levò fortuna, adeo fo necessario di andar di sopra dita torre…”

– Marin Sanudo, Itinerario per la terraferma veneziana nell’anno MCCCCLXXXIII –


In 1482, in his masterpiece Itinerario per la terraferma veneziana, Marin Sanuto (a Venetian historian) wrote about the old Venetian castle of Belforte, located not so far from the current centre of Monfalcone. Nowadays, this artefact is not isolated, but hidden in the ideal “wunderkammer” that is the ancient lacus Timavi.

Infact, in the middle of Caput Adriae (the northernmost part of the Adriatic sea) between the sea and the Karst there is a hidden heritage of naturalistic wonders from the past, from prehistoric times to industrial archaeology. This heritage is part of  the ancient coastal basin named lacus Timavi, now totally transformed, but of which the memory still remains.

The purpose of  the Cultural Association Lacus Timavi is mainly to study the changes that have occured in this geographical area,  an important crossroads of land and sea routes, in order not to forget its legacy. The research has been conducted by observing the changes in the landscape, patiently searching archives and allowing its fruition by using the immediacy of images and contemporary media.

The Association, combining events organising and knowledge of the local territory, aims to gather the passion of a multidisciplinary working group, in order to promote research, divulgation and didactic activities using multimedial technologies.


Proposal, creation and curation of the project ‘3dLacus-didattica digitale divulgazione’, made with the support of A2A S.p.A. and in cooperation with INSIEL S.p.A.. This project has been proposed to high school students as a school-work experience project. Its aim is to create virtual prototypes of the ancient area of present day Lisert in Monfalcone. The project is supported by the Municipality of Monfalcone and Club Unesco of Udine.

Creation and curation of an educational portal specialising in part of the industrial history of the Lisert area in Monfalcone.

Support for the creation of a series of lectures ‘Oltre la Guerra: l’Arte del Novecento’, promoted by Pro Loco of Turriaco. The lectures are about the main artistic trends of 1900.

Supporting Master Enzo Valentinuz for his last exhibition ‘Carso Diversamente Ricordarti’, in the National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia. We created a web project to celebrate the 50 years of his artistic activity (valentinuz50.it) and also dedicated it to the promotion of the area of Aquileia in a educational way.

Support of a promotional initiative valorization of the Karst in the Isonzo area for the Milan Expo 2015, this was done in cooperation with the cultural association Obiettivo Immagine of Gradisca d’Isonzo.


Organisation of the archaeological-scientific event ‘Fonte timavi’, this was hosted in public locations and museums around Monfalcone, Trieste and Fiume (HR).

Support of the book launch ‘Fonte Timavi’ by Fabio Del Bello, published by Istituto Gasparini as part of the event ‘Natura e Cultura senza Frontiere 2014’,  supported by the Municipality of Monfalcone.

Support of the organisation and promotion of the historical reenactment ‘Tempora in Aquileia’.

Support of the organisation of the historical-archeological event ‘Una giornata in Valcanale’ created by the ‘Società Friulana di Archeologia Onlus’ in cooperation with: the association ‘LandScapes’, the ethnographic museum Palazzo Veneziano of Malborghetto, ‘Consorzio Agrario di Vicinia di Camporosso’ and with the support of the municipalities of Tarvisio and Malborghetto.

Organisation of a series of lectures about the archaeology and thermal baths in the Lisert area of Monfalcone.

Cooperation with the magazine ‘Lagunamare’  by the Assonautica of Venice, publishing some essays about the history, archaeology and naturalistic heritage of the Monfalcone area.


Support in the creation of the screenplay for a documentary about Grado Lagoon (lagunadoc.it) created in cooperation with the documentary director Alberto Angela. Creation of the website with its educational section regarding historical, archaeological and naturalistic features of the lagoon.

Organizing the launch of the roman thermal baths in Monfalcone, on the 6th December 2013 at the Monfalcone Theatre.


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